Apple’s timing is ‘just right’ to integrate AI: Analytics

Tech giant Apple (AAPL) launched its much-anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference today, unveiling next-generation AI features in its iOS 18 update. Ben Bajarin, CEO and Chief Analyst of Creative Strategies joins Market Domination for his perspective on share new Apple innovations.

Bajarin notes that “most people aren’t using generational AI in any form on a daily basis,” so as Apple looks to implement this technology in iPhones, the the most important thing to come out of the event is “how Apple brings this front and center. It actually makes it useful.”

Although some speculated that Apple was entering the AI ​​race late, Bajarin is not concerned with the company’s timeline: “I think it shows whether they were behind or not, they are releasing it at the right time ,” he tells Yahoo Finance. “This is the time when I think Apple can bring this to the mainstream for all consumers and find value in their workflow … I think the time is just right.”

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This post was written by Angela Smith

Video transcript

As Apple holds its annual worldwide developer conference with artificial intelligence at the center, the tech giant is facing high expectations for those AI developments as the stock looks to hold on to the games of the year, but it was close to its lowest in the day after Tim. Cook’s main story.

We will now have the creative strategy, CEO and chief analyst.

As I said there is a lot to sift through here, Apple seems to really emphasize the privacy aspect of its AI capabilities.

Would you say that’s the biggest takeaway?

What is your biggest takeaway so far?

I think the biggest thing is just how Apple is implementing this.

I mean, one of the things that I think is important, is to have a context for it, like most, most people are not using AI generation in any form on a daily basis.

And so how Apple brings this front and center and really makes it useful was really I think a goal of kind of the whole story of the keynote.

Of course, they are pushing a lot of personal context.

This semantic engine is the term they use a lot, and it can be very personal about your position in deep ways.

And that’s really where I think the privacy angle comes into play.

But the big part of this is just implementing it in a way that is useful to people.

And in many ways, I don’t think they’ll come across and I feel like they’re using generated AI.

It’s just that they’re using really cool features, really useful things like the emojis, you know, the captions, the summaries to be able to integrate some of those image creation tools and, and it being useful and functional and yet privacy as part of that.

But it’s really about making these things easier, easier to use, more attractive Ben, you know, going into this event, one story out there, you know, Ben, on at least among some people that Apple had fallen behind in some sense. this AI race.

Ben, do you think the event today, this big software shows these ads?

Do you think that changes the story, the story?

Yeah, I mean, I guess there’s two ways to look at this, right?

II I think you look at everything they’ve done around Apple Intelligence and I think there’s a strong indication that a lot of that is their models and their AI I. Um it’s like what they’re using JCPT for just a few things like composing content going out on the web and searching.

But a lot of what they showed is an Apple model.

So I think it shows whether they were behind or not, they’re releasing it at the right time.

This is the time when I think consumers can, Apple can bring this to the mainstream for all consumers and find value in their workflow.

So I think the time is just right in making this useful again so that when people use these features, they find them valuable and compelling as part of their overall software experience.

In this case with the Apple ecosystem and Ben, it’s interesting to me when you talk about people not necessarily trying to achieve this.

And it is such an echo of a survey that you would be sent out that said that outside of China there is more interest in AI gen II among smartphone users.

27% of respondents said they’re interested in a smartphone with uh gen AI 28% say they’re not interested and then everyone else is just like uh, I guess, why not, you know, Do you think what you saw will convince today’s smartphone users that they need these capabilities?

I think there are some interesting applications for some of the fun things.

It seems strange, but I think emojis will be very popular.

The direct idea of ​​creating a flying image or reaction to something.

I think that will be very strong and imagine like receiving some of these cool creative emojis from your friends and then you are not one of the later iphones.

And so for you, you know, look at that and say that would be a lot of fun.

I want to do that.

So there’s those whimsical fun things where I think people will start, and then there’s some of those productivity improvements, they’re really helping you get, do things, the ability of the Personalization suite to anticipate your needs respect that will become very strong.

But, but you are exactly right, as Apple has to tell the story, and that is why you should take care of these things because most people are not.

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