Apple, OpenAI in talks to add ChatGPT to iPhones: Bloomberg

Apple ( AAPL ) has reportedly closed a deal with OpenAI to include its technology on iPhones. The companies are set to finalize terms of agreement to include ChatGPT on iOS 18.

ChatGPT is among the leading AI services. As iPhone sales fell last quarter, the partnership with OpenAI could be Apple’s latest move to innovate the iPhone and boost sales.

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This post was written by Melanie Riehl

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Apple is said to be closing a deal with Open AI to include its technology on iPhones.

That’s according to Bloomberg.

The companies are looking to finalize terms to include GP T chat on Apple’s next OSI S 18.

According to that report, a few things stand out going forward.

We see Apple stock up about 1% so outperforming the broader market early here we have WWGC.

Early next month.

Apple has been, I mean, what?

It’s been a year and a half since everyone got on the AI ‚Äč‚Äčtrain

But if there is a laggard, if yes, if there is, we can talk about the existence of a laggard.

Apple is the laggard in that regard, um, but what stood out to me from this report are two things.

Obviously, Apple and Google are such tight search partners that Google is not part of this deal.

But you know, Apple is a technology company, but it’s all about the brand, like the like.

Their branding is the thing, which is, of course, the announcement last week, et cetera, et cetera.

Chat GP T is the main A. I brand so I know people will come out of the woodwork and debate.


The best technical I chat, you know, big language model, um, language learning model.

Um, great language learning model.

Whether, uh, you’re going to discuss what is the actual technical best of these.

But when you say to people on the street anyone who gives you an answer other than I don’t know what that is they’re probably talking about GP T chat. And that’s a very strong brand to have at this stage of the cycle.

And that was my kind of big picture takeaway here for Apple thinking about an approach that makes a heck of a lot of sense.

Well, it makes sense that it’s, I think, again very difficult for Google, which is a very demanding search partner, and they’re going to try hard this week at their event to talk about their stuff. all.

But if Apple is like, we are sort of agnostic about whether I really work because I don’t know how much they care about your tips and iMessage being good or you even using them.

But if they want to come out and make a splash, it makes sense at this stage of the game to be because we’re part of the conversation G BT Those are the ones.

Yes, it does.

And I think that’s also the argument that many analysts are making this morning and have made since then.

Reports of this, uh, started surfacing late last week, and they were talking about the fact that this might be what it takes for Apple to have a blowout coming up here later in year when it comes to the next iPhone. cycle, if that is going to be what it will be for people to finally upgrade their iPhone.

And I think the case is out on that because I think the use cases, the personal use cases need to be developed just a little bit because I still think I. I honestly wonder how many people use GP T chat, not just on a daily basis, but even more so on a weekly basis, and whether or not there will be enough of that excitement to be able to go out and spend $1200 1300 dollars on a new phone.

But I think it makes one sense, because Apple has been criticized mostly for the fact that it didn’t jump into more, I think more aggressively into the A. I push up until late, and so I think they can put some of it in. those fears out there.

But two, I think even beyond that the fact that they are working together with open AI as you are saying with GP chat T is with the house when you are talking about I that makes sense with him.

If they’re looking for any kind of pressure, which they might find here, I think, sometimes I think about family group texts like that, I wouldn’t be against AI writing responses to that.

Yes, how do I wear?

Oh, you know, like the equivalent of the IA I if someone sends a picture, you give them a heart reaction.

Basically I’m not admitting this.

I do not care.

That looks nice.

I want in that position.

It’s fine, because I think I’m not responding to all kinds of texts especially, like, you know, family group chat stuff.

You release an AI that knows how to, uh, cook.

Yes, but what if it is text that you So, the picture.

I really can’t If I If I care, I will respond.

Most of the texts I get I don’t care about So, you know, if GP T chat.

I mean, I’m not going to buy an iPhone because of this.

I want to buy an iPhone because it stops charging, it does every two years.

That’s why I have to buy an iPhone.

But like, I think there are plenty of uses.

I do not know.

I upgrade my iPhones, probably like once every four.

Are you going to Are you going to use chat GP T mark?


I mean, honestly, it’s not convenient.

Sometimes you don’t have to read every single text, you know what I’m saying?

But he is not going to do it.

It’s not enough, at least for now for me to give up on this peak and upgrade my phone.

I have literally heard a lot from you.

Let’s do the Chechen, but we’ll see

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