Weight Loss Experts on the Weight Loss Trend

It’s not hard to understand the appeal of “Oatzempic,” a breakfast drink on TikTok that swears by it’s easy to make and helps them lose significant amounts of weight quickly.

The recipe is certainly simple: half a cup of oats, juice from half a lime, and a cup of water mixed in a blender. It gets its name from the oats and from Ozempic, the type 2 diabetes drug that can cause dramatic weight loss and is in the same family of medicines as the popular obesity treatments Wegovy and Zepbound.

A flurry of social media posts claim that starting every day with “Oatzempic” can help people lose 40 pounds in two months. On TikTok alone, #oatzempic has over 50 million views and counting.

“This drink is honestly Ozempic,” says TikTok user @ChurroKing in a video with more than four million views. “It’s like a meal suppressant in a freaking cup. This is cutting back on my cravings. This is cutting back on my hunger. It’s crazy to me!”

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