This Temperature Controlled Sleep Pod is a Game Changer if you sleep with a Partner

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You probably already know that improving the quality of your sleep is one of the best things you can do for your health. Unfortunately, the length or duration of sleep each night is only one factor among many others (such as ‘depth,’ regularity, and consistency of sleep) that play into our ‘sleep hygiene,’ as it is commonly called these days. . For example, the quality of your sleep seems to be just as important as the duration.

There are a number of lifestyle factors, over-the-counter treatments or prescriptions, and products like white noise machines, ergonomic pillows, and even split bedding for sharing a bed with a partner to help you get better shut-eye. But Eight Sleep 3’s bougie Sleep Pod has been the biggest game changer in improving my sleep quality – especially as seriously human furnace, especially and sleep. But even if you’re not a ‘hot sleeper’ like me, I know your sleep hygiene could use a good boost from one or more of the Sleep Pod 3’s laundry list of sleep-enhancing features.

What is the Sleep Pod Eight Sleep 3?

At the risk of oversimplifying, the Eight Sleeping Pod 3 is basically a smart mattress cover on steroids. The Sleep Pod comes with a “smart” mattress cover engineered with h-made health sensors, along with the Pod itself (the brain of the system), the water tubes, the USB connector, and the power cord needed to operate them in cooperation

The Envelop mattress cover is pretty much the name in the description – it really is a very sleek, very firm full mattress cover – you can easily fit your favorite sheets on top without the cover underneath to separate. The cover features an Active Grid with embedded tubing that circulates cool or warm water to your side of the bed, making it ideal for partners who sleep together but have different sleeping preferences in terms of temperature. It also has embedded sensors that monitor vital signs like heart rate, respiration rate, and sleep movements. In the most basic language, the Cover is a series of sensors, vibrating bits, monitors, and tubes that cover your traditional mattress.

Eight sleeping pods 3

This new model has improved sleep tracking accuracy over the previous model, the Sleep Pod 2 and compares favorably in accuracy to my Oura Ring, Apple Watch, and RingConn devices and my husband’s Pixel Watch 2 devices in terms of sleep tracking (to the extent we can tell anecdotally).

The Hub connects the Active Network, containing the necessary technology, which is fed back to the Pod itself and through your home router and the app installed on your mobile device using WiFi (now supporting 5GHz networks), making that the setup is simpler than many digital ones. arrangements that you might expect to require less effort or skill. The Pod Cover works with most mattresses up to 16 inches thick.

Buy Eight Sleepers 3 for Eight Sleeps, $2195

Setting and “Priming”

Initial setup was super easy and quick – literally just download the app (and add a sleep partner, if you want), press a button, and place the cover over your mattress and a simple plug-in style insert play’ the three chords included. This part of the active setup time only took us about fifteen minutes.

The ‘Priming’ part of the setup can take up to two to three hours and involves the Hub distributing the water to the coils in the mattress cover to activate the temperature control properties. Although we only had to do this once for it to work properly, other reviews mentioned that the first aim process had to be repeated up to three times to get it to work. You will need the main time you refill the water tank, which takes about an hour on average and is necessary, on average, about every 4-8 weeks. My first necessary ‘priming’ came about 5 weeks into our use.

Sleep Sleep 3 Features

Using one set of fused different tubes and pumping heated or cooled water throughout, the Eight Sleep Pod 3 system can use Autopilot mode to cool or heat your bed in anticipation of bedtime and even through your sleep to help you maximize it. while you are sleeping. The System Pod 3 can even activate a thermal and vibration-based alarm on your designated schedule – personally, my favorite feature of the Sleep Pod 3. While I absolutely love this feature, one thought could to exist for future models if synchronized with it. Your phone’s native Clock app to automatically create and sync your phone’s alarms. However, this is simply the best wake-up-to-sleep system I’ve used—whether technical, mechanical, pharmaceutical, or otherwise.

However, there are no silver linings to this sleepy cloud: The Eight Sleep Pod Cover 3 comes with a hefty starting price. In addition, the best features, the Autopilot and Data Insight features, require a Pro subscription, which starts for $15 per month.

Eight Sleep Pod 3 Review |  Scouted, The Daily BeastEight Sleep Pod 3 Review |  Scouted, The Daily Beast

However, it’s not all silver linings on this cloud: The Eight Sleep Pod Cover 3 comes with a hefty starting price. In addition, the best features, the Autopilot and Insight Data features, require a Pro subscription. starts at $15 per month.


  • Thermal and vibration alarm functionality, which can be set with the app using your smartphone (the smoothest yet most effective alarm system I’ve ever used.

  • Individual temperature control (you can set it as low as 55 degrees and as high as 110 degrees): settings can be controlled for each side of the bed, making it ideal for couples who share a bed.

  • Very accurate and informative vital signs, sleep and fitness tracking – in line with my Oura Ring and smartwatch.

  • The Eight Sleep app is very easy to use.

  • The water tank (which supports the cooling feature) only needs to be refilled about every three weeks when used every night.

  • The autopilot system will automatically adjust settings to your body’s preferences based on the data, although it takes a few weeks to “get to know you.”

  • Solid five year warranty.

  • Slim design: the pod is as small as your average air purifier and looks nice next to your bed, while the mattress cover is completely undetectable under your favorite sheets (the model reviewed fits I mattresses up to 16 inches thick easily).

  • Accurate and insightful vital signs data and sleep tracking were on par with my other wearables.

Eight Sleep Pod 3 Review |  Scouted, The Daily BeastEight Sleep Pod 3 Review |  Scouted, The Daily Beast


  • The biggest drawback is the price

  • It can be a bit noisy when filling coils with water, as reported in other reviews, but I personally only noticed any sound once.

  • You need to buy a subscription to use the system, and it costs about $15 a month.

Overall Thoughts

The Eight Sleep system offers sophisticated features, personalized comfort, and precise sleep tracking. More than just new items, these features combine in ‘autopilot’ mode to magically transform your existing mattress and bed setup into a fully customizable and highly accurate sleep tracking and optimization tool. The sleep data often surpasses that of Fitbit, Google Fit, or wearable health or sleep tracking apps – the app gives me a holistic sleep quality score and several different data points and metrics and factors that contribute to my overall sleep hygiene.

For me, the gradual temperature and the vibration alarm feature are great – I’ve tried almost every alarm system, and this is the only one that actually works every time without being too aggressive or waking me up my partner (and my neighbours, for that matter!). Second, the ability to control the temperature of my side of the bed has also been life-changing and has almost completely eliminated my heat-induced middle-of-the-night awakenings. Although the price may be steep, it may be worth the heavy upfront investment for those looking for the best sleep quality.


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