The best sleepovers and packages in London

I am a tired person. I do everything I’m meant to do to get a good night’s sleep, and yet I often wake up thinking sobbing about leaving my bed, counting down the hours until I can get dressed again .

Is it London, always demanding more? Or am I one of those people who has to go to bed at 9pm but sneaks in a few extra hours and shouldn’t? Either way, when I heard that sleep tourism was an emerging wellness trend, I decided I wanted to know more about it.

It seems like a stark contrast to the idea of ​​going somewhere to explore and learn about the place, but studies show that sleep is what people want. Got the Hilton in a survey that the number one reason people want to travel in 2024 is to rest and recharge,” and Fortune says “the sleep tourism market is expected to grow by nearly 8% to over $400 billion between 2023 and 2028”

This is all well and good, and I’ve also often booked a one-off break so I could get back to London in full swing, but I find that many hotels don’t help my sleep — but rather they blocked it through each other. a series of silly little things. This is by no means an exhaustive list of what annoys me: endlessly ridiculous light switches; lights on different contraptions that do not turn off or flicker throughout the night, and a raging con air, which leaves me raging.

So I started testing the sleep retreats below that came up in London with some skepticism. Here are my results…

Madeleine Spencer testing the sleeping pack at The Laslett (Madeleine Spencer)

Madeleine Spencer testing the sleeping pack at The Laslett (Madeleine Spencer)

Laslett Sleep Sanctuary

Named after the local activist, Rhaune Laslett, the hotel is very Notting Hill, with the feeling of being more of a night at your (rich) townhouse with a record player and sash windows offering views of the iconic area . As for sleep, if you book the package, you can look forward to dinner at the restaurant, The Henderson, with Feragaia mocktails to wash away sleep-inhibiting alcohol and in-room time with botanical skincare gifts from Votary , DIRTEA cacao. tin for a relaxing pre-sleep blend, and a DROWSY silk sleep mask.

The magic here was in its simplicity – yes, the treatment option is in the Recharge Rooms, but instead I decided to just mellow with some music before going to sleep. My plan served me well, and left me feeling chirpy the next day.

The West London Sleep Sanctuary package starts from £420 per night for a double room. To book, please visit living

Four Seasons Park Lane Hyde Park suite (Four Seasons)Four Seasons Park Lane Hyde Park suite (Four Seasons)

Four Seasons Park Lane Hyde Park suite (Four Seasons)

Four Seasons Hotel London at Park London Sleep Escape

The sale here is the Four Seasons Signature Massage Deep Sleep Lavender – a long name that really gives you all the information you need, but I should say it’s bloody effective. I went at 8pm, then sort of walked into the nearby rest pod and then to the amazing bed complete with pillow menu and slept and slept and slept. Maybe the turn down service had something to do with how I was off: not only do they do the usual things, dim lights and put out slippers etc., but they also set the temperature between 16-18 degrees (perfect). for sleep), and it ‘blacked out’ all those device lights which I find unacceptable. I would recommend doing this one on your own when you need complete relaxation and want to get away from the toils of the world.

Room rates start from £895 including VAT. Sleep Escape Treatments from £190 for 60 minutes.

Corinthia Hotel London (Corinthia)Corinthia Hotel London (Corinthia)

Corinthia Hotel London (Corinthia)

The Last Sleep Experience Corinthia London

Whenever I go to a fancy hotel, I get into bed and wonder how on earth they offer such high levels of comfort that I hope I could achieve at home. The answer may be a serious investment in Hästens, the 172-year-old brand that supplies the beds in 35 of the rooms at the palatial Whitehall Corinthia. The ‘ultimate sleeping experience’ is very much dependent on the joy of those beds made in Sweden using natural and breathable materials – and in my case it was very successful. After dining alfresco in the courtyard restaurant The Garden (well worth getting to know on summer evenings), I dissolved on my head and washed my sleep over me before I even had a chance to do my usual rituals (room smell , hand cream, lip balm, magnesium pills). ).

Room rates for Corinthia London start at £800 per night. For more information, please visit

W Hotel (W Hotel)W Hotel (W Hotel)

W Hotel (W Hotel)

W Hotel Intentions Stay

You may not be in Soho for easy sleep – but the W hopes to offer a port of the storm through Intentions Stay where performance coach Roxie Nafousi will have an array of in-room products. They’re all well thought out, from the magazine to the sleep-inducing Anatome set. Despite finding the change from the frantic pace of London and the quiet of my room overlooking the red lanterns of Chinatown quite overwhelming, I quickly settled in to watch a movie (ET, a solid choice), before doing some writing and relaxing to let If you’re looking for something a little more intense, the AWAY Spa offers breathing sessions by specialist Jamie Clements along with guided meditation by writer Ciara McGinely to help bridge the gap between fight or flight and relaxation. You could also try a Signature Essentials 60-minute De-Stress Massage and Express Facial, or head to the bar for a DIRTEA drink.

The Intentions Stay is a £250 add-on to any room bookings and includes a 90-minute spa treatment, classes, journal, and comfort zone amenities retailing at over £70. The book of the mind Stay at

1 Mayfair Hotel (1 Mayfair Hotel)1 Mayfair Hotel (1 Mayfair Hotel)

1 Mayfair Hotel (1 Mayfair Hotel)

1 Mayfair Hotel Rest & Reset Package

Everything about the Hotel 1 is designed to feel like an oasis, from the 1,300 plants that populate the hotel to the huge amount of natural materials that immediately feel soothing, including some exquisite stone walls (they are from West Sussex ). The Rest & Reset package is all about showcasing the spa and Bamford products, and the hotel is proud of the collaboration. My job involves testing a lot of products and I’ve rarely smelled as good as the B Silent Collection organic bath oil. Book for a massage in the whitewashed wooden spa, return to the room for a bath, then relax. An environmentally minded hotel, there’s a potable water dispenser (this should be standard in hotels) and they’ll even recycle/donate unwanted possessions – leave them with the wooden block to tell them you have not forgotten them, and they will find a home for them.

Rates start from £500 per night, including a £160 spa credit. Book three

Madeleine Spencer tries a lucid dreaming AI (Madeleine Spencer)Madeleine Spencer tries a lucid dreaming AI (Madeleine Spencer)

Madeleine Spencer tries a lucid dreaming AI (Madeleine Spencer)

Kimpton Fitzroy the room to dream free,

Before I talk about my night at the Kimpton Fitzroy, a whistle-stop tour of the building’s impressive history: built in 1898, The Hotel Russell was designed by Charles Fitzroy Doll. This gave birth to the expression ‘all dolled up.’ On the stairs, you will find a brass dragon called ‘Lucky George’; his twin sank on the Titanic.

Now, on to the sleep package: when you enter your room, there is a kit that includes headphones, a dream journal, a lucid dream guide, and the Unplugged LabTonica range. The idea behind the headset is to take you on an AI-driven journey designed to allow you to lucid dream, effectively like zoning out with images morphing before your eyes, your mind being buttery and soft while you’ sleep’ – but clearly, that is. in charge of your body and can order what is happening and drifting. Dream expert Charlie Morley says it helps, “it helps people reduce stress and improve their emotional processing, as well as improve their sleep quality and sleep pattern.” I found the layout innovative and very effective, I felt inspired and rested the next day.

Room rate from £399 inc. breakfast. The Room To Dream package can be added to any Kimpton Fitzroy London room or suite booking for a price of £50,

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