The arrested thug commits a misdemeanor in the back of a police van after being chased

Wearing a balaclava – who burglarized the family home before officers led to a dramatic police chase in stolen vehicles – Halifax wiped his snot on the inside of a police van after he was arrested.

Ben Woodhouse, aged 20, and three other men were seen at the property on January 25 this year. Bradford Crown Court heard on Thursday that he was caught on CCTV getting out of the passenger seat of a red hatchback car and running down a path close to the house.

Prosecutor Daniel Ingham said: “He was wearing a balaclava and carrying a crowbar. A window pane was removed to get in, causing the window to break.”

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The court heard that cupboards and drawers were opened in the untidy search, and entry to the garage was also found. Mr Ingham said Woodhouse, of Moins Close, Halifax, recovered the property’s CCTV hard drive, watch boxes with nothing inside and an empty briefcase.

Mr Ingham said: “The key to the safe was removed and an attempt was made to gain access but it was abandoned…The burglar raised the alarm and the police attended and the defendant was identified using blood found on the safe.”

The court heard that officers received information about a stolen BMW car in Grove Edge two months later on March 22. Mr Ingham said: “It was a housing estate and it was noticed that children were out playing. It has a 20mph speed limit and the area is said to be tight.

“The defendant was seen driving a vehicle matching the description of the stolen vehicle. Officers attempted to cut him off and he made a three-point turn to change direction and escape. The blue lights were activated.”

The court heard Woodhouse – who was disqualified from driving at the time – led officers on a chase before he was arrested. Mr Ingham said: “When he was arrested in the police vehicle he was observed to be aggressive, standing on the bench and kicking the door.

Bradford Crown Court

Bradford Crown Court -Credit:Yorkshire Live

“He spat on the door and walls. He shouted, ‘Look at the big greeny I have in my mouth.’ He put his fingers in his nose and threw it at the cage door.”

The court heard that less than a month later, on April 7, Woodhouse led officers on another chase through Halifax – this time in a Vauxhall Corsa, reaching speeds of 69mph in a 30mph zone. The Corsa was said to have been recovered, but the BMW was not. Mr Ingham said Woodhouse had pleaded guilty to two counts of dangerous driving, two counts of driving without insurance, damaging property in relation to a police vehicle, two counts of driving without a license and two counts of failing to stop . .

He was sentenced for those offences, as well as the burglary, on Thursday. He had a previous dangerous driving offense on his criminal record from 2022, which resulted in a suspended sentence and driving disqualification.

Mitigating Safer Salam said the new dad’s first experience of custody at HMP Doncaster was “something he will never forget.” The barrister said: “He was becoming a dad and it made him anxious and he took drugs on the black market including pregabalin … His parents sit here today. They don’t condone his behaviour. They have another child is at university and is of good character.

“They do not tolerate this behavior and that is why he has been asked to leave the family home. His parents tell me that he is now living with them and that he can return to the family home when these events are completed. “

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Mr Salam said Woodhouse had abstained from substance abuse and had become a dad in December last year. He told the Honorable Registrar of Bradford, His Honor Judge Rose: “The prison has served him well. He will not be in trouble in the courts again and he will be there for his child but he understands that the offenses he committed so much so that you cannot suspend any prison sentence.”

Judge Rose jailed Woodhouse for 41 months, and made him subject to a 50-month driving disqualification, and he will have to take an extended probation before being allowed back on the roads.

He said: “I’m willing to accept that you abused prescription drugs, and I’m willing to accept that your experience in custody affected you, but I accept that you were given a chance in January 2022 when the court cut you have been sentenced to dangerous driving for nine months suspended for 18 months and given a rehabilitation activity requirement So this court – some might say leniently and leniently – gave you the opportunity, and gave you a course rehabilitation for you and you chose to throw that in your face – not in the person. court, but of the public…

“Your first custodial experience will be long enough. The public is entitled to be protected from your criminality and the dangers you pose.”

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