Police launch internal review after footage shows cop targeting 15-year-old boy as street rage erupts

Police are carrying out an internal review following an outbreak of street rage where it appears an officer was caught on mobile phone footage targeting a 15-year-old boy.

All the police arrested five boys, between 13 and 15 years old, among the times that were living among the residents. It followed reports of anti-social behavior on Briar Road in Beach Road last week when a brick was said to have been thrown at a car. Mobile phone footage shared on social media and with the Manchester Evening News much of the drama was captured, including the arrest of a 15-year-old boy who was put on the ground by officers.

One clip appears to show one officer trying to beat down the boy before the teenager is handcuffed and his legs are tied. It is not clear if the boy was hit by the blow, who was then captured screaming and struggling as he was carried into a waiting police van. He was arrested on suspicion of assaulting emergency service workers and later released under investigation.

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Pictures taken later at the hospital show the boy, who has not been named as the MAN, with cuts and grazes on his back, arm and head.

His mother, 35, a florist, told the don Manchester Evening News her son has been diagnosed with ADHD and has never been arrested before. She has lodged a formal complaint alleging that her son was assaulted by the police.

She said: “I’m ashamed. We put our trust in these people and these are the people we pay our taxes to. Not only did they physically assault him, but after that I couldn’t find him .They don’t tell me where it was taken.

She said her son was arrested on suspicion of assault without injuring three police officers. Police have confirmed that a youth has been arrested on suspicion of assaulting emergency workers. The mother said her son’s conflict with the law began when he challenged the officers while they were arresting another boy.

An officer is targeting the boy -Credit: Leaflet

An officer is targeting the boy -Credit: Leaflet

Footage shows officers pushing her son onto the pavement next to a parked car after he reacted angrily to the other youth’s arrest. He is heard screaming and repeatedly asking the officers ‘do you have children?’ and pleading with the officers to ‘leave me alone’.

When one officer asks him to calm down, he says: “I wasn’t doing anything. You just stood on my mother’s neck, what do you expect?”

Two officers can be seen holding the boy’s head to the ground as other officers apply leg restraints. He was heard calling one of the officers ‘f***ing muppet’ before screaming to get out of my head!’

He appears to start crying and shouting ‘someone call my mum’. He is heard urging the audience to ‘sit in front of the van’ before he leaves. The teenager continues to scream and swear at the officers, begging them to ‘get off my head’. He then screams at the officers ‘why are you digging into my hostage?’ Then he screams ‘please, please, help me’ to the onlookers.

Police enforce foot restrictions -Credit: LeafletPolice enforce foot restrictions -Credit: Leaflet

Police enforce foot restrictions -Credit: Leaflet

As he asks the police to get off my face, one officer tells him: “We will sort you out and seat you but we have to stay calm. Are you listening to me? Are you listening?”

The boy then writhes before being picked up to be carried away, screaming and struggling against the officers. Four officers have to lead him away but as he continues to struggle and scream, he falls to the floor and has to be picked up a second time to lead him to the waiting van.

Other footage also shows the moment the police pounced on another youth trying to run away, with his mother videoing the incident. When she tells the officers that her son has done ‘nothing wrong’, one policeman confronts her and tells her: “You should be ashamed of yourself… Take some responsibility… Shame on you!”

The mother can be heard shouting ‘bunch of f***ing bullies’ as her son is led away by the officers.

The MEN sought out the mother, who refused to be named. The 36-year-old mother of seven, who is training to be a nurse, said: “It went from zero to this in seconds.” She said she had also made a formal complaint to the police.

The boy is transported -Credit:SheetThe boy is transported -Credit:Sheet

The boy is transported -Credit: Sheet

Moments after the boy who allegedly punched her is locked in the police van, a bystander is heard telling the police ‘his foot is caught in the door’, although this cannot be seen on film.

His mother told him: “(He) didn’t do any criminal damage. He didn’t attack any police officers. In fact, it was the complete opposite. It’s heartbreaking for a mother to stand there and watch this. “

She said she took her son to Manchester Royal Infirmary after he was released, where she took pictures of his injuries and shared them with FEAR.

Greater Manchester Police have confirmed that they have launched an internal review of the incident on the evening of Tuesday, May 7, including an examination of body armor and other footage.

Picture of boy in hospital with cuts and grazes -Credit: SheetPicture of boy in hospital with cuts and grazes -Credit: Sheet

Picture of boy in hospital with cuts and grazes -Credit: Sheet

A spokesman for the force said: “We are aware of clips on social media showing officers responding to reports of anti-social behavior and bricks being aimed at a car in the Burnage area of ​​Manchester on Tuesday evening (May 7).

“Officers faced a challenging situation – which included racially abusing one officer and targeting another officer in an attempt to get one. Five boys aged between 13 and 15 were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.

“We understand the concerns that have been raised and we want to make sure that the public holds us to account. We have received a complaint and the Professional Standards Directorate is assessing the incident – ​​including reviewing all videos the company has released and other available footage. “

The spokesman confirmed that the boy who was allegedly punished for three alleged assaults on emergency workers was arrested.

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