I’m a tech writer, and this $33 Eufy Smart Scale is my favorite way to track my fitness

There’s a lot more to fitness than just stepping on the scale, and the more you educate yourself on the subject of personal health, the more information you’ll realize you need. Why not get a scale that gives you the whole thing? The Eufy P2 Smart Scale is one of my favorite fitness devices out there, measuring not only weight but also body fat, BMI, muscle mass and many other health-oriented metrics.

(One quick note: if you are pregnant or use a pacemaker, you should not use this scale. It generates a small current through the body that can interfere with pacemakers or pose a risk to a growing baby.)


This scale uses powerful and sensitive sensors that can detect small changes in things like body weight, body fat, BMI, muscle mass, bone mass and more.

$30 at Amazon

Deals like this are just one reason it pays to have Prime – members enjoy 40% markdowns! Another thing to note: this is the lowest price on record for this scale. That’s right: there’s never been a better time to buy.

The Eufy P2 Smart Scale comes with many interesting features, the most important of which is a virtual 3D model of yourself. During the setup phase, you enter all your metrics – height, waist size, hand size and more – and the avatar model displays your current fitness level. As the scale collects data on the changes over time, the model will change to match. You can then look back to see how far you have come. That’s a powerful motivational tool on those days when you don’t feel like working out.

The P2 also syncs with third-party apps like Apple Health, Google Fit and Fitbit so you can accurately track your fitness activity throughout the day. An IPX5 waterproof rating means you don’t have to worry about dripping on the scale when you get out of the shower, and the anti-slip finish lets you stand on it without worrying about it getting too slippery.

Eufy includes a limited warranty in case something happens to the scale, but take it from me: I’ve accidentally dropped and kicked this scale many times, and it’s still going strong. As I try to keep myself in shape, this scale has been invaluable.

Scale next to smartphone and measuring tape.Scale next to smartphone and measuring tape.

You can stop weighing your options now – this the smart scale you’ve been looking for. (Amazon)

This scale has helped over 1,000 people on their fitness journey.

Was your Pomeranian worrying about her BMI? The Eufy works for everyone in the family, including pets. “This scale has helped us keep track of our progress on our weight loss journey. The whole family, including the dogs, have their own profiles and we can keep track of our progress. It’s nice to see it in one place,” said one fan. And they’re right – you can use one of the secondary features to measure your pet’s weight.

Another buyer raved that this scale is so capable that it is almost entertaining. “I love all the different details, which allow a more overall view of my health!” they said. “It sure makes it fun to track! I had a pound goal but now, because of all this data, I’ve adjusted it based on other factors I can track! It really looks at everything and not just weight. Just constantly watching the progress being made in many areas is amazing for a geek like me!”

Don’t let the idea of ​​a smart scale worry you, though. Despite its sophisticated-sounding name … “The setup was great. First download the app and set up an account and specific information. Connect to Wi-Fi, step on the scale for the first weigh-in and enjoy the thing. go,” shared this shopper.

This is a scale loaded with features, but some fans say that complicates things. “The P2 Smart Scale isn’t too easy to use with multiple users. If you’re sharing the scale with a spouse or roommate, for example, you’ll need to make sure everyone is signed into the correct profile on the app.”

Another user had trouble checking historical data. “I wish it was easier to compare your entire history or specific days… you can, but it’s limited to some specific measurements.”


Each family member can have their own profile, and this scale is smart enough to differentiate between them.

$30 at Amazon

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