Helena Christensen on “the most poignant beauty moment” in her career

A bonafide part of supermodel history, Helena Christensen is synonymous with the ’90s modeling scene, and her image has been indelible in fashion and beauty culture ever since. With chameleonic abilities, she is as versatile as her fellow iconic models who are also known by their first names – from Linda to Naomi. But the Dutch native always had a naturalness that was, and still is, his aesthetic signature.

Helena Christensen walking the runway for Chanel during Paris Fashion Week in 1992

Helena Christensen walks the runway for Chanel during Paris Fashion Week in 1992Victor Virgile – Getty Images

“I’ve always been into natural beauty, feeling healthy and good from the inside out,” Christensen tells me. “This has always been my fundamental approach to beauty – it’s about more than just the outside.” Her exterior—featuring piercing eyes that read blue and green at the same time, flawlessly rich blonde hair, and a stunning physique with pin-up proportions—has taken Christensen from Miss Universe pageants as a teenager to catwalks and front covers after that, of course. But he seems to have a career in an industry that revolves around him, making the 55-year-old “appreciate beauty in its many forms and shapes”. Instead of encouraging a fixation on perfection, she has broadened the world of fashion – especially since stepping behind the lens herself. “Being a photographer combined with modeling also gave me a different perspective, in terms of seeing beauty from all sides,” she says. “Constantly surrounded by different definitions and expressions of beauty, I have a deeper understanding and appreciation of its diversity. This exposure enabled me to see beauty beyond normal standards and to appreciate its many forms.”

Helena ChristensenHelena Christensen


Whether she is working or not, her passion is spending time in nature, which she feels is “beneficial on so many levels, physically and mentally”. “This has influenced my approach to beauty, encouraging me to embrace simplicity and authenticity,” she shares. “I believe that the natural world offers so many benefits to both mind and body, which reflects in our appearance.”

Christensen takes me back to a pivotal point for her when this came to light. “I think the ‘Wicked Game’ video is my most memorable moment of beauty in my career; a very special memory where visual aesthetics and beauty in natural form were combined,” she explains, referring to her role in Chris Isaak’s 1990 solo music video. Labeled MTV’s ‘Sexiest Video Ever’, the Christensen appears topless on a black sand beach, with wet salty hair and eye make-up she lives in. “The video, shot in black and white, showed a sense of natural, effortless beauty that many people have. The simplicity and suspense of that moment has always stayed with me.”

Undoubtedly, her career working alongside famous make-up artists and photographers has given her other “valuable beauty insights”, she reveals, “such as the importance of a good skin care routine and the magic of a bold red lip to raise any appearance”. .

She will forget about ‘lip’ on a daily basis, but she definitely prioritizes skin care products. “I learned the importance of sun protection and the long-term benefits of taking good care of my skin,” she noted. “I’m a sucker for serums, oils, tonics, and mists, and I try to apply them throughout the day,” she says, citing Penny Frances Apothecary products as her favorites. “All of these help to retain my skin’s moisture and elasticity, which is vital for a healthy glow.” This is something she is sure not to hide completely with cosmetics on top. “I learned how to use your fingers when doing make-up and to use creams rather than powders. This method allows for a more natural finish, a dewy finish that allows the skin to breathe, freckles to appear and the skin to glow.” Embracing the natural texture and tone of your skin can improve your overall appearance, she feels. .“These simple yet effective techniques have revolutionized the way I approach make-up and skin care, emphasizing the importance of enhancing rather than covering.”

Helena christensen for hårklinikkenHelena christensen for hårklinikken


She approaches her hair care (the hair “is such an important part of who you are”) with the same mindset. “When you take good care of your skin’s health, light and strength come through from within – and it’s the same for the health of your hair and scalp.” Having tested Scandi brand Hårklinikken for years before working with them, Christensen uses their Hair Gain Extract, Stabilizing Scalp Shampoo and Daily Conditioner religiously. She expands: “It feels right to work with ethical companies that promote products that make a big difference,” allowing her to endorse something she truly believes in. “When your hair is strong, hydrated and truly healthy, you feel better and bigger. confident.”

Basically, whether the thought is internal or external, being healthy is her beauty priority. “Health is everything and, at the end of the day, it is true beauty.” Aside from spending time in nature, she cites regular professional check-ups and cold falls “all year round” as ways she stays on top of this. And her low-maintenance philosophy, too, is a pillar of her self-care.

“Actually, I care very little about products and routines; some times I have more control and other times I don’t think too much about it. Balance is everything when it comes to human life. Not being too stressed or intense is one health benefit.”

carla bruni, claudia schiffer, naomi campbell, cindy crawford and helena christensen at the versace show during milan fashion week in 2017carla bruni, claudia schiffer, naomi campbell, cindy crawford and helena christensen at the versace show during milan fashion week in 2017

Carla Bruni, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Helena Christensen at the Versace show during Milan Fashion Week in 2017Daniele Venturelli – Getty Images

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