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NORWALK, Conn.–( BUSINESS WIRE )–Get Joy, a pioneer in holistic dog wellness, is unveiling a new research report titled “Casing our Tails: When It Comes to Maximizing Our Dog’s Health and Wellness, Are We Right Running in Circles?” The report, created from a national online survey of dog parents, examines a major paradox between the intentions of dog owners and the realities of their actions when it comes to extending the longevity of their canine companions.

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The Dog Diet Dilemma: Secrets vs. Realities (Photo: Business Wire)

This report indicates that there is a large discrepancy between what dog owners believe benefits their pets and the actual practices they implement, particularly in the area of ​​nutrition. While 97% of dog owners acknowledge the impact of their pet’s diet on their longevity, only 12% are currently feeding their dogs fresh food – reflecting a pervasive bias towards potentially harmful processed foods for the health and vitality of our pets.

Tom Arrix, founder and CEO of Get Joy, identifies with this paradox, saying “My life took a profound turn when our family dog ​​Cooper battled lymphoma. While exploring the healing power of nutrition, I was waking up to the harmful effects of feeding my dog ​​kibble – something we know is happening on a large scale in today’s market.”

Arrix said, “Dog families obviously have the best intentions, but inaccurate information and a market flooded with processed options can compromise decision making. Get Joy seeks to provide information and a holistic approach to dog wellness that will help dog family activities better align with their minds.”

Furthermore, while most survey respondents show unwavering confidence in their understanding of their pet’s health, this confidence often reflects a lack of awareness regarding the ingredients and nutritional value of the food they provide. The report also highlights the alarming prevalence of obesity among dogs, with 59% classified as overweight or obese – a statistic made worse by eating processed foods. Studies have shown that switching dogs from processed diets to fresh foods can lead to a significant reduction in disease markers, highlighting the critical role nutrition plays in a dog’s well-being.

Brett Levitzke, DVM, Chief Medical Officer at VERG Brooklyn and veterinary consultant to Get Joy, emphasizes the importance of nutrition in pet care, saying “Nutrition is something we do with our pets twice a day. Even simple changes can have a big impact on our dogs’ overall well-being.”

In light of these findings, Get Joy recommends dog owners reassess their approach to nutrition and prioritize fresh, whole foods that promote gut health. By bridging the gap between intention and action, pet parents can ensure the long-term health and vitality of their canine companions.

Key Findings of the Survey:

  • Nine out of 10 adults (94%) say they would increase their pet’s lifespan if they succeeded.

  • Survey respondents consider the overall health of their pets to be better than their own and nearly 70% are very confident or very confident in their understanding of their dogs’ health and well-being.

  • Despite great confidence in the health of their dogs, there is a significant gap between perception and reality:

    • Dog owners are prioritizing almost everything except – according to veterinarians – the most important aspect of a pet’s well-being: the dog’s diet. Only 53% say they are regularly feeding their dog healthy food, compared to other activities such as getting enough sleep (73%), spending time with family (73%), and visiting the vet for a routine check-up (68%).

    • 83% of pet parents are confident about the ingredients in their dog’s food, but only 58% can name three ingredients

    • It is estimated that approximately 56% of dogs in the United States are obese, emphasizing the importance of addressing diet and nutrition to combat this issue.

  • Gut Health Awareness: Despite its importance being widely recognized, most pet parents have yet to adopt gut healthy nutritional practices, with only 12% of pet parents feeding their dogs fresh food that promotes gut health ones.

  • Processed diets, which over 75% of respondents feed their dogs, may inadvertently contribute to longer-term health issues such as obesity, leaving dogs with a host of health issues including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and more.

    • This is surprising when we find that a large majority believe that gut healthy foods can extend their dog’s life (83%) and improve their dog’s quality of life (89%).

Tips for Dog Parents:

  1. Look at the Labels: Examine the ingredients in your dog’s food and choose fresh options whenever possible, for your dog’s optimal health.

  2. Go for Gut Health: Incorporate probiotics and gut-healthy foods into your dog’s diet to promote overall wellness.

  3. Top: Mix fresh food with processed options or use as a source to improve nutritional value.

  4. Invest Now to Save Later: Consider the long-term savings of investing in your dog’s health through nutritious food choices.

  5. Take a Holistic Approach: Prioritize a comprehensive wellness routine that includes diet, exercise, preventative care, socialization and companionship.

Get Joy is committed to furthering research and promoting canine wellness through education and advocacy, providing dog owners with the information and resources they need. The company’s long-term vision is to bridge the knowledge-behavior gap, offering tangible solutions to a holistic wellness routine that will ultimately extend the quality and longevity of dogs.

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About Get Joy: Get Joy is on a mission to improve and extend the lives of dogs and their families through wellness and nutrition, focusing on the body, mind and soul of our canine companions. Founded in 2019 by Tom Arrix, the brand was born from a personal journey tackling Tom’s own dog’s health scare, which sparked a commitment to revolutionize the dog food category. Get Joy offers science-backed products optimized for dog health with healthy gut nutrition at their core, including the pet-friendly Fresh Freeze Dried Meals and the gently cooked, formulated Get Joy Fresh meals specifically, Freeze Dried Dried Superfoods, Chews & others. Soon, Get Joy will introduce a line of Daily Supplement Chews, aimed at supporting a dog’s overall health and longevity. With a commitment to science, quality, and holistic care, Get Joy empowers dog owners to prioritize their pet’s health over the bowl.

Survey Methodology: A national survey of 1,000 dog parents, aged 18-70+, spread across all regions, and approximately half male and half female. Torfac conducted the survey between 1 – 5 February 2024 using an online data collection method.

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