Coronation Street spoils as a funeral takes place, the acid is caught and Joel finds a new target

There are going to be emotional scenes as a new week begins on Coronation Street next week as Toyah Battersby attends her daughter’s funeral. It starts on the ITV funeral when Leanne Battersby announces that she is paying for Rose’s funeral from her savings.

Outside the undertakers, George Shuttleworth places Rose’s coffin in the hearse but after seeing Rowan Cuncliffe watching from Victoria Garden, Toyah runs mad and, pressuring him, orders him to stay away as Leanne is not welcome while he is watching awfully.

Later, when the funeral is over, Leanne admits that she has no savings and Rowan paid for the funeral. Leanne then takes the lead, leaving Nick Tilsley in utter despair and Toyah confronts Rowan and tells him she’s going to do everything she can to expose him to the scumbag he is, leaving he trembled.

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Toyah returns home to find Nick alone and he apologizes for Leanne’s behavior and Toyah breaks down. Nick takes her in his arms and they kiss passionately, unaware that a man from the abandoned builder’s yard is watching them intently, and Leanne meets Rowan for an uploading session.

After enjoying an evening of sex, Nick and Toyah agree that it shouldn’t happen again and that they should stay away from each other as long as possible. But afterwards, Toyah tells Nick that they have little choice but to come clean with Leanne about her short skirt.

Rowan smugly holds meetings in the Bistro much to the dismay of Nick and Toyah. Rowan corners Toyah and hands her a copy of the NDA, suggesting she sign it. When Toyah expresses that she will not be blackmailed and intends to come clean, Rowan suggests that he will destroy Leanne but is willing to pick up the pieces, leaving Toyah.

Rowan NDA takes on Toyah -Credit:ITV

Rowan NDA takes on Toyah -Credit:ITV

Rowan then gives a speech and announces that Leanne has been promoted to level 5 and he couldn’t be more proud of her. The members and Leanne bask in the glory while Nick and Toyah watch in shame. At the end of the week, a policeman visits Toyah to inform her that she will not face any charges for burying her child. Toyah feels that a weight has been lifted.

Elsewhere, Bethany Platt returns home from her interview and tells Sarah Barlow that she got the job but is dreading her first assignment. Bethany calls the garage and tells Abi Webster that she got a job at the magazine but the first article they want her to write is to support Corey Brent which horrifies her.

Later, Abi tells her husband Kevin that she has done some digging, Stefan Brent, Corey’s father, is a board director of the production company that made the documentary, also owns the magazine and must have created the fake videos deep for revenge. After reporting Stefan to the police, Abi and Kevin watch as DS Swain is dragged into an interview room, desperately hoping that their nightmare will soon be over.

Stefan is arrested -Credit:ITVStefan is arrested -Credit:ITV

Stefan is arrested -Credit:ITV

Bethany then calls the garage and tells Abi that she will quit her job if she wants to, but it could be useful to have someone inside to keep tabs on Stefan. Kevin calls Bethany and tells her that if she wants to help, she can lend her security pass to Stefan’s offices and Bethany reluctantly takes the lead.

The next day, Abi asks Kevin about getting up at night which stresses him out but he calls into the salon with a stolen cell phone and asks Max Turner if he can hack into it. When Tyron Dobbs opens an email to find a video of Kevin breaking into Stefan’s office, Kev assures him it’s another deep fake video.

But Bethany sees Max with the phone she realizes Kevin stole it and tells him not to drag her family into the situation. When Kevin turns up at Stefan’s office Stefan says that his video footage of Kevin breaking and entering could land him in jail. Meanwhile, Abi is shocked when she hears Tyrone telling Craig Tinker that there is a deep fake video of Kevin and when Kevin returns to No.13, he finds Abi and Craig waiting. Will he report to Stefan?

Meanwhile, in the Rovers, Steve McDonald, Amy Barlow and Daniel Osbourne discuss options for a care package for Ken Barlow after his fall and ask how on earth they are going to fund them. Cassie Plummer listens with interest and later offers to be Ken’s caregiver for a quarter of the price of a professional. Daniel and Amy think it’s a good idea and Steve reluctantly agrees to Cassie’s delight.

Cassie starts working as Ken's carer -Credit:ITVCassie starts working as Ken's carer -Credit:ITV

Cassie starts working as Ken’s carer -Credit:ITV

Steve informs Ken that Cassie is a qualified carer and they hired her through an agency. However, when Cassie starts working at Number 1, she reveals that she has no training and only brought in a little money to save the family and Ken is quietly furious. Cassie lays Ken right after, explaining that she was honest with Steve from the outside and didn’t pretend to have any qualities, will she win him over?

When Cassie arrives at work at No.1, Steve is delighted to inform her that her first task is to cut Ken’s nails and Cassie is embarrassed. Enjoying Cassie’s company, Ken suggests they go out for lunch. Amy is excited about how much Cassie gets under her father’s skin and reveals to Steve that there is a spark between him and Cassie and he is denying his attraction to her. Steve firmly denies it and Amy hides her amusement.

Also, Joel Deering confides in Dee-Dee Bailey about his grief at keeping his engagement from his parents. Joel sees Sabrina in distress outside the police station and learns that her brother has been arrested. Joel gives her his business card and tells her to call him. Accompanied by Sabrina’s friend, Joel goes inside, happy to have found a new target.

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