How to dress like a fashion editor this winter

How to dress like a fashion editor this winter

Hannah Teare: The color alchemist

Acting Fashion Director, Tatler

@hannahteare (Photo by Suzanne Middlemass)@hannahteare (Photo by Suzanne Middlemass)

@hannahteare (Photo by Suzanne Middlemass)

I love a bit of color and I would say don’t be afraid to go out of grey, navy and black. Look at beautiful burgundy, crisp, red wine or jewel tones – they can be neutral but fun. If I need a parachute outfit, I’m a big fan of sticking to the same color and mixing textures. Here’s a Reiss suit and matching silk shirt in peacock blue — I love it for day with a pair of trainers, a pop of color beanie and my Tissa Fontaneda bag. If you’re splurging, get a great blazer. With the proportions, anything goes. I’m personally over the whole thing too much, but that’s still a lot of progress. In the evening, I’m a fan of jeans, bright cashmere, butter and stacked heels. In the office I will wear my Air Force, then switch to the Aquazzuras and a chandelier earring. It can be that simple. If you can’t worry about anything, put on a good coat. It will get you through the day.

Hannah’s choice:

“Great selection of cat eye sunglasses, all day every day, 24/ 7/ 365. Forever solution for bright lights and or late night salvation.”

Cat-eye sunglasses, £300, (Gucci)Cat-eye sunglasses, £300, (Gucci)

Cat-eye sunglasses, £300, (Gucci)

“I love the vibe a beanie adds to any outfit – it instantly changes a look from one feeling to another.”

Beanie, £29, (END)Beanie, £29, (END)

Beanie, £29, (END)

“I love the cozy layered feel of a chunky knit velvet jacket.”

Scoop hem jumper, £165, (Jigsaw)Scoop hem jumper, £165, (Jigsaw)

Scoop hem jumper, £165, (Jigsaw)

“Nice chic crossbody steel for city cruising.”

Pimlico Satchel, £1,350, (Mulberry)Pimlico Satchel, £1,350, (Mulberry)

Pimlico Satchel, £1,350, (Mulberry)

“You can’t go wrong with a great, colorful velvet blazer.”

Blazer Velvet Ashby, 240, (Jigsaw)Blazer Velvet Ashby, 240, (Jigsaw)

Blazer Velvet Ashby, 240, (Jigsaw)

Jessica Skeete-Cross: The vintage hunter

Style Director, ES Magazine

@jessicaskeetecross (Photo by Suzanne Middlemass)@jessicaskeetecross (Photo by Suzanne Middlemass)

@jessicaskeetecross (Photo by Suzanne Middlemass)

I would recommend shopping vintage for autumn/winter outfits. You can find some great statement pieces there that you can mix and match with your look and give it a little bit of uniqueness. Today I’m wearing a second-hand tweed skirt I found in an LA vintage store, a Comme des Garçons Play sweater, which I think is cute, and a shirt from Gap. ​​​​​​I found this vintage motorcycle jacket on Depop for £70, which was amazing, and I’ve worn it with a Christian Louboutin shoe and a patent sock. If you are investing in something, get one great coat. I just found a beautiful, vintage Burberry box. My main antiques are Rellik on Golborne Road, Found and Vision near Portobello Market, and The 543 which is online. If I’m shopping on the high street, it’s going to be Arket. It’s not too expensive, and they have some great pieces. My only advice for dressing is to wear what makes you happy though.

Jess’s picks:

“Denim Tears is a brand that everyone needs to know.”

Union Jack zip jumper, Denim Tears, £225, (Denim Tears)Union Jack zip jumper, Denim Tears, £225, (Denim Tears)

Union Jack zip jumper, Denim Tears, £225, (Denim Tears)

“I love this denim skirt from Mango. It gives me Junya vibes but without the dent in your bank account.”

Asymmetric denim skirt, £49.99, (Mango)Asymmetric denim skirt, £49.99, (Mango)

Asymmetric denim skirt, £49.99, (Mango)

“Your staple shoe in sultry brown is the perfect alternative to black.”

brown Noor boots, £360, (Miista)brown Noor boots, £360, (Miista)

brown Noor boots, £360, (Miista)

“You can’t go wrong with a Comme Des Garcons play cardigan. Upgrade with velvet kitten heels and you have your perfect day-to-night look.”

Comme Des Garçons Play, smooth cardigan, £254, (Come Des Garçons)Comme Des Garçons Play, smooth cardigan, £254, (Come Des Garçons)

Comme Des Garçons Play, smooth cardigan, £254, (Come Des Garçons)

“I wear chunky gold hoops every day. These ones from Missoma are an interesting twist on a classic.”

Back hoop rings, £125, (Missoma)Back hoop rings, £125, (Missoma)

Back hoop rings, £125, (Missoma)

Naomi Pike: The glamourpuss

Free fashion editor,

@naomialexandrapike (Photo by Suzanne Middlemass)@naomialexandrapike (Photo by Suzanne Middlemass)

@naomialexandrapike (Photo by Suzanne Middlemass)

The combination of day and night comes naturally to me – it’s something I’ve always done wearing a sequined skirt with a cream, contrasting knit, or a dressy evening shoe with cashmere-smooth hiking socks. Wear something simple with crystal earrings for your 10am board meeting. My style tip for 2023 is to play with texture: today, I’m wearing a shearling jacket from my favorite London brand 16Arlington, a sequin and pleated skirt and a beautiful cashmere twinset from Uniqlo. I’m in uniform too. My formula is knitwear, heels and a midi skirt, and I get a lot of freedom within that when I get dressed in the morning. It’s a great base to play with textures and axes there – sorry. We’re told to invest in the staples, but I think it’s fun to invest in something that’s a bit more of a statement – try the red tulle skirt!

Naomi’s choice:

“The fantasy dream of the festival. With slingback stilettos, wellingtons or ballet pumps.”

Tulle midi skirt, Molly Goddard, £990, (Molly Goddard)Tulle midi skirt, Molly Goddard, £990, (Molly Goddard)

Tulle midi skirt, Molly Goddard, £990, (Molly Goddard)

“Sweet slogan tees make for a quicker and safer alternative to throwing out Christmas jumpers.”

T-shirt, £75,, (Daniel W. Fletcher)T-shirt, £75,, (Daniel W. Fletcher)

T-shirt, £75,, (Daniel W. Fletcher)

“Ottange is the new shoe label he knows. I love how these turn a fresh brown into an elegant offering.”

Petunia pumps, £433, (Ottange)Petunia pumps, £433, (Ottange)

Petunia pumps, £433, (Ottange)

“I’ll be keeping these in my bag over the next few weeks for impromptu pub visits in festive celebrations.”

Rhinestone rings, £17.99, (Zara)Rhinestone rings, £17.99, (Zara)

Rhinestone rings, £17.99, (Zara)

“These from Mango are super comfortable and take an anti-saccharine bite out of pretty party dresses. You should wear them in the office too.”

Patent leather heeled boots, £99.99, (Mango)Patent leather heeled boots, £99.99, (Mango)

Patent leather heeled boots, £99.99, (Mango)

Van Den Broeke Ltd: The cool classic

Author and Editorial Director, Soho House

@teovandenbroeke (Photo by Suzanne Middlemass)@teovandenbroeke (Photo by Suzanne Middlemass)

@teovandenbroeke (Photo by Suzanne Middlemass)

When I’m getting dressed, I’m thinking: how can I make a comfortable outfit out of really nice clothes? My sweater is a nice cashmere, my trousers are Issey Miyake — my go-to every day — and a statement jacket from Bottega Veneta. You have to think architecturally about the effect you want to achieve, which is smooth and clean. Try a sweater with high-waisted trousers and a cropped jacket to create a bit of interest. Save up for a classic single-breasted gray postman coat: like Ethan Hawke in Gattaca. COS has a very good one.

Ltd Options:

“Leopard print is a neutral, which makes them wearable with almost everything in your wardrobe.”

adidas Originals by Wales Bonner, £160, (adidas)adidas Originals by Wales Bonner, £160, (adidas)

adidas Originals by Wales Bonner, £160, (adidas)

“Sometimes a beautifully cut bomber just won’t cut it in the deepest of winter. I love the gray postman coat – something Miuccia Prada would wear.”

Wool coat, £225, (COS)Wool coat, £225, (COS)

Wool coat, £225, (COS)

“I really love this bag from Prada. It’s deliciously WASP-y, it’s sculptural, the color goes with anything and everything, it will last a lifetime. To the top of the Christmas list goes…”

Saffiano leather galleria bag, £4,200, (Prada)Saffiano leather galleria bag, £4,200, (Prada)

Saffiano leather galleria bag, £4,200, (Prada)

“Winter is not really a time to wear sunglasses – at least not in the UK – so if you’re going to do it, you probably need to be ready to make a statement.”

02 sunglasses, £320, (Celine)02 sunglasses, £320, (Celine)

02 sunglasses, £320, (Celine)

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